The Tren de Aragua behind the sexual exploitation of migrants in Latin America

Beauty contests, marketing agencies and prison visits have been some of the Tren de Aragua’s most common strategies to recruit women and girls for sexual exploitation across Latin America. A team of journalists from Colombia and Venezuela reconstructed, through intercepted audios of the mega-gang, testimonies of trafficked migrant women and statements from government officials, the way in which the crime organisation operates and its impact on vulnerable groups.

The Aragua Train is expanding  in Chile. Here’s how

The Venezuelan mega-gang Tren de Aragua is the first transnational organised crime group to operate in Chile, a country experiencing a crime crisis of historic proportions. Here’s how they did it, the names behind the phenomenon and what’s to come.

Ecuador: Journalists on the front line and without protection

The murder of three reporters in 2018 marked a milestone in the escalation of crime in Ecuador. Five years later, violence at the hands of criminal organizations and a lack of government protection are pushing many to self-censor or leave the country, creating serious information gaps. These are their stories.