We are an independent, regional and bilingual media outlet. We tell the story of organized crime through the lives of its collateral victims, the marginalized people who are caught up between powerful criminal organizations and security policies that criminalize them. We seek to contribute to the understanding of the impact of criminal markets and the debate on security policies with information and new narratives.


We focus on four thematic lines of work with the aim of contributing to an informed debate on the impact of the actions of criminal organizations and public policies as well as to reflect on possible sustainable solutions.

Prisons: Training and recruitment centres for powerful criminal organizations and also where human rights abuses take place.

Gender: Women and LGBTI+ people are some of the populations most affected by the actions of criminal groups and government policies that ignore or criminalize them.

Environment: The expansion of illegal markets and the criminal organizations that control them in Latin America has a particularly negative impact on the environment and on indigenous communities that protect it.

Migration: The exponential growth of migration in Latin America, against the backdrop of an unprecedented economic and social crisis, has opened up new opportunities for transnational criminal groups. The stories of people affected by the actions of these groups can offer keys to developing effective responses.


Investigate: Collaboratively with experts from across Latin America, we dig into the most relevant trends in organized crime in the region that impact marginalized communities.

Field work: To speak directly with those affected.

Analyse: Data, information and testimonies to understand the context in which the stories happen.

Innovate: Using new tools to document the impact of organized crime on the most marginalized populations.


Josefina Salomón

Co-Founder, Editorial Director

Journalist with a focus on inequality, drugs, violence and gender. I have been exploring what happens in the hidden corners of Latin America for the last 20 years. Everyone has a fascinating story, you just have to listen. Argentine blood (with a touch of Lebanon) and a heart divided between London, Melbourne, Mexico and wherever life takes me.

Ronna Rísquez

Co-founder, Journalism Director

Venezuelan investigative journalist. I like to combine sweet and savoury, data with stories of of violence, human rights with organized crime, experiences of trauma and stories of resilience. Good journalism requires passion, walking the streets, observing, listening and helping. I wrote El Tren de Aragua, the gang that revolutionises organized crime in Latin America.

Sergio Ortiz

Co-Founder, Director Video, Design and Photography

Mexican documentary filmmaker with a passion for human rights. For more than a decade I have been practising the wonderful profession of journalism. Migration has been a subject that has accompanied me through many different disciplines. I love portraying the lives of people who pass through and fill a community with a new spirit.

Jonathan Gómez

Web Developer, Technology

Mexican web designer and developer. I specialize in advertising campaigns and communication strategies, I work imagining ideas, creating innovative solutions that inspire and provoke memorable relationships. I am passionate about imagining, planning and developing solutions. I enjoy nature,  love music and I am learning to play the piano.

Alejandra Dilliz


Mexican fundraiser. One of my strengths lies in my innovative mindset, exploring emerging trends to harness their potential to change the world. I enjoy finding creative solutions and fostering collaborative work, knowing that true growth and progress come from daring to do things differently.

Madeleine Penman


A dreamy Australian who calls Mexico City home. Words and stories fill my lungs with air. I am a researcher on the state of human rights in Latin America and I love poetry. I am inspired by people who survive this cruel world and dare to share their stories.

Luis D. Miquilena

Redes Sociales

Venezuelan journalist. Journalism has allowed me to document, through social media, what happens near and far. I have developed an endless curiosity about the way in which media is evolving and I’m always ready to learn new and better ways to create content that contributes to generating positive change.


We are an independent media outlet. We apply for grants from foundations and organizations that support journalism projects, as well as individual donations. We also establish partnerships with other media organizations.

The launch of In.Visibles was funded through the first Sembramedia/Google News Initiative media incubator programme.

In.Visibles is registered as a not-for-profit company in the UK.